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About us - openeditorial.in

A crowdsourced initiative to bring the common wo/men’s perspective to the forefront with focus on areas like Lifestyle, Parenting, Travel, Technology and Food. We believe that each one of us is a writer within and very essence of our existence is to lend a pen to that writer. 

The artists and the writers hold the key for a bright and fruitful future and thats what we strive hard for. We believe that pen has all the power and influence required to change people’s mindset, replace negativity with positivity, the dark with light and win over hate with love. So, we encourage everyone out there to pick up the pen and write out their mind and heart. 

If you share the same vision, pickup your pen and let us start this journey together.

How to submit your write up

Option 1: Sign up and start writing by following this post

Option 2: Send your write up to letters@openeditorial.in

Happy Writing 🙂