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useful news app

Eight news apps to keep you updated 24*7

Are you always the last one to find out what’s going around the globe? Are you still struggling to find the perfect...

What if your mom is your boss in the office?

Wise men say don't mix personal and professional lives. But what happens if, for once, we do so? What happens when your...
Coffee a great solution -

CAFFEINE – A solution to (almost) every problem

Do you have a nagging boss at work? Have you just missed your promotion? Did you have a fight with your partner/best...
Simple rules for life

Lost and found – simple rules to a satisfied life

As kids, our parents and teachers taught us some simple rules to live a satisfied and fulfilled life. Rules that were easy...
Myth of happy wife -

Husband and the myth of happy wife

A roll call to all the men who think that making their wife happy is impossible. Get ready to unveil a possibility...
Valentine Day - OpenEditorial

Valentine’s Day – a 360° gender perspective

One day that, in a snap, can make or break your love story. On this day, couples dive deep in romance and... #valentineday #HappyValentineDay
A positive soul - open editorial

A Positive Soul

Have you been having a rough day or are negative thoughts creeping you down or are you still haunted by your past? #Wednesdaywisdom #worldradioday

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