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self-love - openeditorial.in

Nourish the love within

Valentine's Day. Some define it as a day for your partner, your boy/girl friend, some for parents, some for their friends and...
Simple rules for life -openeditorial.in

Lost and found – simple rules to a satisfied life

As kids, our parents and teachers taught us some simple rules to live a satisfied and fulfilled life. Rules that were easy...
Myth of happy wife - openeditorial.in

Husband and the myth of happy wife

A roll call to all the men who think that making their wife happy is impossible. Get ready to unveil a possibility...
Pen to win - Open Editorial

Winner Declared : Pen an editorial for your loved one to win big

On this Valentine's Day, how about bringing the writer within you alive and kicking? For that matter, what could be better than...
A positive soul - open editorial

A Positive Soul

Have you been having a rough day or are negative thoughts creeping you down or are you still haunted by your past? #Wednesdaywisdom #worldradioday
Basant Panchami - Open editorial

Go yellow this Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami, the festival marking the end of winters and start of spring in India. The day is also celebrated for Saraswati...
Things Indians miss outside India - Open Editorial

Five things Indians miss outside India

Live outside India and you realise its really a land of some of the best stuff worth a five-star rating.
The Journey of being a mother - open Editorial

The journey of being a mother

Journey towards motherhood is full of surprises. Right from the beginning, it puts you into an altogether different league. It seems to...
Travel guide - Open Editorial

Time to revamp your bucket list

Bucket list. Over the years this term has gained its popularity like Northern Lights. Active travellers, across the globe, are known to possess their own bucket list...
Birthday and Mommy

Birthday Through Mommy’s Mind

Yeah we all know that parties are always fun and entertainment. What thrill it is to eat, drink, dance, play and go craz...

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