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God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers…

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When asked who their  hero is, most people respond with the name of an athlete or an actress/actor. When asked who my hero And though they are both amazing female powerhouses, for me, my inspiration comes from a more personal place.

With due wholeheartedly respect and love all the Motherhood; I would state that my “MAMA” is my world and my inspiration. She is always being there for me in each and every progression of my life simply like a protector, like an adviser, like a caregiver. All I can say in regard to motherhood that all the love begins and ends there.In a different culture, a Mother has different forename as MOTHER, MAMA, MUMMY, MOM, MAA, etc. I call my beloved Mother as “MAMA”. In fact, I can say that I have no words to fully express the sentiments about my mother.Like others, I also have a beautiful experience with my “MAMA”.

When I was a kid, she cares for me with so much love and affection. She guides that how to mark a step in each next stage. Her applause when I accomplished something. She undergoes miserable when I lost from my objectives however she never neglected to spur me to continue attempting. My mom continuously brings an abundance of joy to my life and strives to maintain a positive energy that clearly radiates in all that she does. Even on the worst of days, her uplifting and hopeful spirit always makes a difference. I have never seen her go to bed angry. She always has a smile on her face and this just proves how sincerely she cherishes each day. My mom is a nurse so it is in her daily tasks to help people in need. It’s no surprise she is just as giving at home. She believes family comes first and will do anything and everything for her family’s happiness and well-being.

We have a very special bond in that I am her only daughter (and of course her favorite). She has shown me what it means to be a strong, independent woman who can accomplish all things. The importance of having goals and achieving them to the best of your ability is something she strongly stands by.  I remember my mom giving me the best advice before starting college. She reminded me to stay true to myself no matter what, take every opportunity I could and make the best of it, and love others just as I love myself. Now a junior in college, I’m living my best life and owe it all to her. One of her favorite songs ‘Live Like You Were Dying’ has become my soul song over the years. It gives me clarity and peace of mind in all aspects of my life.   

Integrity and trust are two values my mom has emphasized repeatedly, especially in my college years. She reminds me that my thoughts and opinions do matter. My responsibility is to create meaningful work using my own ideas and to never let anyone interfere with achieving my dreams. Trusting that little voice inside my head will prove beneficial in the long run. My mom also has the tendency to still sing me The Sound of Music ‘Confidence’ song whenever she can. It’s her all-time favorite movie and she just loves reminding me to be confident in my abilities. She is my ray of sunshine in that way! My mother, Eve, is my biggest inspiration, my most encouraging champion, and my greatest sounding board.

Famous quote by Jewish proverb- “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”….  This line clearly characterized that god favored us with an exceptional and valuable blessing as a Mother. Super humans. We read about them, watch them and admire them in the virtual world – but I live with a superhuman. She is my mother. My mother works very hard day and night. It is because she wants to ensure that her children get comfortable life and can study well. That makes her doesn’t think about herself again. Here I would like to thank to God for giving her in my life. No amount of money I can repay for all the kindness and love that she had given for me. I shall always cherish the sweetest memories of her for as long as I live.

This memories shall always remain fresh in my mind. My mother is truly a source of encouragement and inspiration. I always love love you, MAMA. You are the real inspiration for me.

PS : Written by ‘Jeyanthi tr’ for contest Celebrate the spirit of Nari Shakti .
Published as it is without any editing.

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