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Nourish the love within

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Valentine’s Day. Some define it as a day for your partner, your boy/girl friend, some for parents, some for their friends and the rest a day in despair being a singleton. We do so much for the ones we love and we care for. We buy gifts for them, plan a surprise or pamper them in the best possible way we could. We would do whatever it may take to make the best day for our loved ones.

But hey! Have we ever thought of celebrating this day full of love with yourself. Yes, you have read it right; a day loving yourself, your soul, things you do, loving the each and every bit of who you are. Have we ever thought that way? I believe no! I never did until the day I realise that I am what Iam. While I have thousand people around me who would love me, I wont be happy whatever they do unless I am happy from within. 

How many times has this happened to you that while walking on the road or shopping in the mall, you looked at the other girl/ boy and thought wish you were as fair as they are, or as lean as they are, or worse, wish I could be like him/her and I hate my body and myself for who I am. We never realise that thinking this way breaks ourselves bit by bit everyday. We loose our confidence in the start and we loose ourselves in the end. There could be ‘n’ number of definition of beauty for you, be it complexion, figure/physique, height; always remember unless you feel beautiful, you wont be beautiful no matter how fair, tall you are or how perfect your body is. Use Valentine’s day to be a day where you will love each and every bit of yourself and not criticise. 

We, as a normal being, have a list of endless desires for ourselves and our family. Most of us spend our life fulfilling the desires of our family because we are so committed to them that we think of them first and plus, we are not selfish. We give more than 100% to make things happen for the people we love but, what about us. Since childhood, we are taught to contribute to the family and to the society but never been told to do whatever we want in our life. With time, we dwell ourselves in a position where we start to believe that self-love is a sin.

We are afraid of not being like everyone else. We start to tolerate every nuisance that makes us away from loving ourself and our desires. But that is being untrue to yourself and not appreciating the life that God has given you. We die only once but that almighty gives us a chance to live everyday and every moment the way you want. So, why can’t we take a day for yourself.

Spend the day like you want – pamper yourself at a beauty salon, eat whatever and wherever you want, shop just for yourself, watch the movie you like or just ‘be yourself’.Miracles start to happen when you give even a little bit of love to yourself from the endless ocean of love in your heart for yout loved ones.

Just remember, your first relationship is with yourself. The health of all other relationships depend on this. Happy Valentine’s day from a new me to new you.

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