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Who runs the world…girls

Nari shakti contest - openeditorial

Some women fear the fire; some women simply become it…. R h sin.

The human race is an intriguing one. The natural order of hierarchy of power has been mangled over the centuries and the balance of power has shifted to the gender favored by tradition. Man and woman are like two faces of a coin. But the balance of power gets so biased and blemished at times that the slighted gender i.e. the women mostly, have to come out and speak out for themselves. The women are the inextricable thread in the whole fabric of humanity. The loving and delicate finesse of a woman complements the aggressive brute force of the man.  Women are the embodiment of the soft qualities, of love, compassion and care. The gentle soothing care is what heals this world.

Nari –shakti is celebrated all through our mythology and history. We have the devis on one hand and mother Mary at another. In India we celebrate navratris, as a devotional homage to the nari –shakti. Women have gathered wisdom and persevered over these countless centuries, standing by us, nurturing us and showing us the way.  

Its said that behind every successful man is a woman but so is true for every successful woman too. The Nari –shakti that manifests in the ladies who are big dreamers and sacrifice their comforts so that others may achieve their goals, is the driving force of this world. This will and ability of women to put others first is the reason that compassion and love gets sprinkled around in our lives. The master of home and hearth, women are the inspiration behind the blazing will of champions. The blind faith that a mother has,  the inspiring touch that sisters provide, the loving care of wives and the near devotional affection of daughters, has kindred the souls of people around them. 

Women have themselves achieved great feats in all fields. Marie curie, Oprah, Mother Teresa, Rani Laxmibai, Indira Gandhi, J.K Rowling, Lata Mangeshkar, Serena Williams are some high achievers who have defied all odds and have come out as shining examples of Nari –shakti. Not only these women have achieved personal accolades for themselves but have also shared in their good fortune and success with many philanthropic endeavors. A woman when succeeds she is empowered and that improves the chances of success for the whole family. India has also witnessed the mind boggling success stories of women headed revolutions as lijjat papad initiative.  Nari –shakti has transformed lives all around.

We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be rational and so disciplined they can be free.‘   

–kavita ram das.

Empowering and educating a woman means empowering the whole household. It’s this steel will behind the serene countenance that has helped women vanquish the limitations imposed by the society and culture. The will to never give up and to get up each time they fall has, helped women survive. Women have prevailed and will keep on paving the way for mankind to continue its existence and to keep improving till this world is a better place to live in. 

A beyonce says…’ who run the world…girls’.

You smiled at me , when I entered this world, waited 9 months while I was being made from sludge.
Spent sleepless nights when I was ill , You cried my tears and smiled my smile. My mother how do I repay , the blood that runs in my veins and my  heart too
The flesh that’s yours and how you have loved me as if I were a limb , a part of you ……

Oh how you sacrificed your share and fed me, stood by me and fought by my side,
How you got scolded at my mischief and how you bore that with a smile
My dearest sister how I repay the innocent love you showered me with, 
Those times when I stole, begged and borrowed, things also very precious to you.

How you always put your faith in me, helped me shape my dreams, 
How you made me the man that I am today, you always knew it seems,
My dearest wife, you knew what I couldn’t see in myself, all along
My rock, my friend, my mate, my constant, my love,  my companion  

There was no way, I could have known what it is, to be wrapped around someone’s finger 
But then you came and I was, bound in love forever, my princess.
My dearest daughter, how to contain the love and joy you give, I still have to learn,
You upgraded me to a hero, to the centre of your universe, who can do no wrong….

PS : This was selected as the winning entry for our contest ‘Pen down an article to celebrate the spirit of Nari Shakti

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