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Dedicate a write up to your father and you can win a gift voucher worth Rs.500

International Father's Day 2019 - open editorial.in

We all have an inspiration to follow right from the time we get our senses right, a responsible pair of footsteps and a story of dedication, courage and love. We always look upto those hands for support whenever we feel let down by this cruel world, those pair of eyes to give us courage and hope in the times of difficulty, and that commanding voice to help us regain our strength and vigour whenever we feel devoid of it.

Yes, we all have that one superhero in our life called Dad. Though a few hundred words might not be able to put the complete picture about the greatness and importance of this superhero, but how about sharing an inspirational story from past or penning down your thoughts expressing the love, hope and gratitude we owe to our father.
So, let’s celebrate this international Father’s Day by dedicating a write up to our first superhero.

We will publish all the articles selected by our team and as a special token of love from our end- ‘Best article will win a gift voucher worth Rs.500’

Who can participate

Anyone, except our core team.

How to participate

Write your article and email it to letters@openeditorial.in

What are the rules

-Content should be original and owned by you. All the submissions will be checked against plagiarism.
Last date to submit article under this contest will be 12 July 2019.
– Write up should be a minimum of 500 words, no maximum cap.
– Invitations will be accepted only by email. Any entry shared over twitter/facebook or our website will not be entertained.
– Winner will be selected by our editors and their decision will be final.
– Winner will be announced on 19 July 2019.

Happy Writing 🙂

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