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Bedhai – A treat to your taste buds

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Travel is a fun thing to do. Not because you are exploring the places but because you are exploring the culture of that city through it’s people and food. When I travel, not only do I visit the famous places but I make sure that I talk to people around for their interesting stories and try the local delicacies which I may not find even in a multicultural states like New Delhi.

On my recent trip to Agra, one of our friends suggested to try ‘bedhai’ from Deviram sweets. While we had our breakfast included in the hotel, we made sure to visit the suggested place. Luckily, the shop was at the walking distance from our hotel and we had no problem finding it. While my husband went to get the coupons from inside the shop, I observed how quickly the crowd went from half a dozen to two. The fragrance of the food was everywhere and it was getting difficult second by second to stand there looking at people taking their food.

At last, our turn came and we were introduced to our first Agra special ‘bedhai’. This delicacy which is served in pattal (bowl made of dried broad Sal leaves), had spicy potato curry and two crispy, spices stuffed puris (fried puff pastry) served with a dollop of fresh curd. This combination gave me the burst of different flavours and spices at the same time. The puris were crisp from outside but had a tender spicy centre. The potato curry was spicy but the intensity was subdued by cold dollop of curd. Overall, it was a must try and I can easily rate it 7 out of 10.

A meal is incomplete without dessert at the end. So, we bought a plate of warm jalebis (an Indian sweet made of a coil of batter fried and steeped in syrup) which was crisp, had exact sweetness and perfect to go with a plate of spicy bedhai.

So, next time you are in Agra to witness the seventh wonder of the world, The Taj Mahal, save yourself a breakfast with Deviram sweets and their delicious bedhai.

Where: Deviram Sweets

Address: Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Near Devi Ram Crossing, khandelwal Colony, Pratap Pura, Rakabganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001
Cost: Rs. 12 per piece
Timings: 8am – 12noon
Other specialities: Jalebi, Dhokla, Walnut kalakand

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