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Recipe for a perfect snack – Desi momos chat

Desi momos chat - open editorial
Desi momos chat - open editorial

Snacking is fun! Isn’t? Something more fun even than a main course meal, something we can hop on anytime. So before giving this amazing recipe let me tell you that I am a fusion food lover, so expect some quirky combinations from me.

So this time lets fuse the desi street touch to everyone’s favorite Dim sum or simply Momos.
As we are turning it desi street style so I call it Desi Momo chaat.

So for this we need following ingredients:

Oil: For frying
Chopped onions- 1 cup
Ginger- 2tsp
Garlic- 2tsp
Chopped green chili 1-2
Diced mushroom- ½ cup
Peas- ¼ cup
Grated cottage cheese- ½ cup
Chopped Spinach- ½ cup
All purpose flour(Maida)- 400gms
Baking Soda- ½ tsp
Salt- to taste
Tomato puree- ¼ cup
Sweet curd- ½ cup
Imly chutney- 2-3 spoons
Chilli Sauce: 1-2 spoons
Coriander: to garnish
Namkeen: to garnish

Detailed steps

Dough Preparation: to prepare dough, take a bowl and mix all purpose flour (or you can add half n half mix of all purpose and Wheat flour), add water accordingly, 1tsp of baking soda and prepare dough and keep it aside for 40 minutes.

Filling: Add 1tsp oil in a pan, heat it at low flames. After 2-3 minutes add ½ cup chopped onion, ginger, garlic and sauté it for another 3 minutes. Post that add chopped green chili, peas, diced mushrooms, spinach and cottage cheese (in case you want some peanuts and raisins too) salt, tomato puree and mix it well till the mixture is well sautéed. Now take it off the flame and let it cool down.

 Now take the dough and roll it in perfect circular shape, keep the filling on one side of the rolled dough, and give them the shape you want your momos to be.

Deep fry the dim sums, take them out and place them in a plate. Now for chat put the chopped onions on momos, pour some sweet curd, imli chutney and chili sauce too, sprinkle some salt and chaat masala too. For garnishing add some fresh green coriander and namkeen bhujia over it.

Your chaat is ready to eat.

Happy snacking 🙂

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