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All in the world of colours

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Colours are a world of their own. While our universe is filled with infinite colours, our eyes can see only 10 million of them in any given single viewing condition. Yes, I agree that’s not only, that’s a huge gargantuan world of colours.  

With superabundant colours, confusion to distinguish between them with a normal human eye is quite coherent. However, research has proved that this confusion is more with the men than with women. While the former can see pink, purple and magenta as pink, the latter can distinguish pink in several different shades like rose, fuchsia, bubblegum, magenta, coral and blush. Literally, colours can derive their name from anything. Wine too!  

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Citing men’s lack of interest in colours, their world is confined majorly to black, blue and grey. Since women have better reception towards colours, it becomes quite evident why they have various colours in their closet and home.  

Then there are colours which fall in dual family – one with two colours. One such is turquoise, which is a member of blue-green family. Another is coral, swinging in between orange and pink.

For the fans of neutral colours, black and white, here is a shocker. Physicians define colour as the visible spectrum of light waves. Since black is the result of absence of visible light and white appears when all wavelengths of visible lights are reflected off an object, they are not considered as colours. Oops!

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Colours not only make world lively but also hold meanings derived from various cultures. If red means love, it also means danger. If blue means cold, it also means trust. In China, blue is the colour of feminism, but elsewhere it stands for masculinity. White and black hold contradictory stands for celebration and mourning in eastern and western parts of the world.  

Also, almost 85% of snap judgements are influenced by colours. Blue is the favorite colour of the world, followed by red. Marketers use these two extensively to grab consumer attention. Facebook, Dell, Ford, Boeing, Nike, Samsung and Citi preferred blue to gain customers’ trust and attention. Red is the colour of brands like Coca Cola, H&M, Netflix, Virgin, Red Cross and CNN.  

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Colours are also used in branch of medicine called chromotherapy, though considered pseudoscience. According to Ayurveda, our body has seven chakras, each one associated with a colour. In case of any chakra getting imbalanced, the colour of that chakra can be used to bring it back to balance.  

Colours have made our planet beautiful. In fact, world has moved beyond admiring them and started using them in daily life. With so many and so much in this world of colours, it’s surely a rainbow gleaming above. And those of you men still thinking, wine is a colour too!

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