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CAFFEINE – A solution to (almost) every problem

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Do you have a nagging boss at work? Have you just missed your promotion? Did you have a fight with your partner/best friend? Are you sick with severe headache, cold or fever? Are you hungry and have nothing to eat? Are you freezing in hills or are you feeling super hot on a bright sunny day? Answer to all these and many other problems is caffeine, be it tea or coffee. Surprised? I know you are not.  

So what is caffeine? According to wikipedia, caffeine is a psychoactive drug which acts primarily on the Central Nervous System (CNS) where it alters brain functions resulting in temporary changes in mood, behaviour, perception and consciousness.  

That’s too much of science, isn’t it? So let’s get it straight. Caffeine is a substance found in tea and coffee that makes you feel more like yourself, wide-eyed awake and as energetic as any other superhero.  

Tea or chai

This elixir comes in many variants like black tea, malai wali chai (milk tea topped with cream), sutte wali chai (tea accompanied with cigarette), ginger/cardamom/fennel seed/mixed spices tea and the new addition to this is ‘tandoori tea‘. Tea lovers are true mathematicians, their tea works in various ratios of milk and water, sugar and tea leaves. They have tea in bed, for breakfast, with mid-morning snack, lunch, then with mid-afternoon snack, evening, dinner and as mid night cravings. While some like to gulp it down, others will slowly sip their warm tea. A true tea person is full of creativi-tea, never feel guil-tea but sometimes a little flir-tea. After all, many love/arrange marriages and often divorces finalise over a cup of tea.

Coffee or kapi

This another beautiful creation of God has its own charm. Even this comes in many variants like Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, Irish and in a very Indian form ‘filter kapi (coffee)’. Unlike tea lovers, coffee drinkers are a little sophisticated, would usually limit the number of times they drink coffee but never play around the quantity in each drink. Their mug sizes usually start from large; small and regular size of coffee is a myth. Coffee is happiness and is always a good idea if you need a break or even if you don’t.  

Be it tea or coffee, it is a liquid joy. It connects people and the world around. Their warm hug is desirable and can uplift a bad mood. To feel alive, all you need is a loving family, caring friends, gentle heart, compassion for all and… a cup of caffeine.   Always remember, if caffeine can’t solve a problem, then only God can.

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