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Dogs, your best friends forever

Dogs your best friend - open editorial

A home is a much happier place with that one special baby at home. A dog can make one feel better even when everything seems to be difficult and problematic in life. As truly said in a phrase that Dogs are man’s best friend.

Someone is always there with a big heart to welcome you with joy and delight and always cheer you up with their kindness and friendliness. Waging tail, small paws and shiny eyes make you feel that home is a much wonderful and positive place.

A pet can furthermore assist you with lots of other things as well, be it household works like fetching the newspapers, taking care of the babies and playing with them or guarding and protecting the house. When you come back home after a lot of work, tensions and stress, the paw baby makes you feel comfortable with his love and warmth.

Dogs can likewise understand our emotional state exactly like our human companions do. They respond to us quite emotionally and sympathetically. They teach us the real meaning of trust and loyalty with their unconditional empathy. Trust is the most important factor that you will always feel and notice if you have a pet at home. They are the most trust-able creatures one can ever come across.

The most fun thing you will stumble upon is that you will never eat alone. The dog is always ready to accompany you for eating anything. They start following you as soon as you enter the kitchen for preparing the meal and continue to the very end of finishing your meal. The aroma of the food makes them wacky.

Intelligent pets like dogs point out the behavior changes in their humans more likely than other pets. Some dog breeds are much more intelligent and can even observe and recognize bad and negative persons, helping you keep yourself safe and secure. They will always defend you in the difficult times. It is all about unlimited affection and care.

Owing a pet can decrease depression, stress and anxiety. They also curtail loneliness and maintain your blood pressure. Dogs even help in maintaining emotional balance; these babies are a very good mood healer and provide great companionship too. When a person lives and grows with a pet, they learn to express themselves in a better way.

Simply by sharing our homes they can alleviate stress and can bring lots and lots of peace, happiness and love in our life.

Here is my photogenic paw baby.

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