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Husband and the myth of happy wife

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A roll call to all the men who think that making their wife happy is impossible. Get ready to unveil a possibility called happy wife.

The myth of happy wife is all set to be busted with fun and facts. How about starting with two questions to you male fraternity, because as they say, devil lies in the details?

1. While growing up, what were the promises you thought of making to your future wife?

2. Based on your current level of hardwork, what do you want to achieve in coming future?

Clean and crisp, right! Now let’s evaluate the answers.

If you have been able to fulfill those promises to your wife and your future achievements revolve around her and kids, then you score a goal here. If not, then stop giving excuses by saying that she will be happy to enjoy your earned materialistic achievements.

Just like you have dreams and aspirations, your wife has that too. In fact, it is quite a possibility that she may have these different from yours. If you understand and accept these, you then have the key to the heart of a happy wife. But seldom that happens and this is how the myth of happy wife originated.

Women and men have different ways and means of looking at the world. Their perspective of understanding and prioritizing different aspects of life is quite exclusive. For instance, if a woman is asked a question about expectations towards life, surely more than 3/4th of them will have the answer that it is their husband and kids. Whereas for men it would be career, sufficient savings after retirement, luxuries and comforts of sorts and likewise. But women would commonly say –

My family is my world,
my home is my stage.
Husband is the key and,
kids are my assets.

For most of the men, life is a straight path with some occasional road blocks. But for a woman, it is not always a straight line. She has to switch between different roles, from being the loving daughter of her dad to a dutiful wife, to a caring mother and to an efficient and skilled daughter-in-law. Post marriage, her world goes upside down from the comfort of no-responsibility to challenge of being the jack of all skills. She works hard all day and night with no expectation of a return favour. A housewife has no off hours or holidays. A working woman misses her early morning and late evening office meetings and compromises on her aspirations so that she can take care of her family and home.

Women leave behind their house, family, friends and dreams in the course of this new start called marriage. So, when she willingly walks into your world, leaving behind her own comfortable world, it is your time to stand up, take charge and make your better half feel special, and not just on some special days but everyday. And trust me, that’s not asking for much and is very much within your reach.

Actually if you think about it, it is not difficult, but as simple as Einstein’s relativity theory. Few things that you can do are:

  • Give her your time before she asks you for it
  • Give her your ears and listen to her thoughts. For women, speaking with the loved one, especially hubby acts as the best stressbuster. Most of the time, she just needs to speak her heart out. So next time sit back, relax and try to be a good listener.
  • Bring her flowers because old or young, every woman loves and adores flowers more than anything else
  • Take care and bother about her family like you do for yours
  • Take her out for a movie or dinner whenever possible, and make it possible
  • Praise her when she cooks for you
  • Make her realise how much you love her
  • Acknowledge her in all fields of life including daily household chores
  • Get her gifts and not just on special occasions

Marriage is a mutual relationship. It is an unwritten contract of love and care. If someone leaves family and memories behind to walk lifelong hand-in-hand with you, then cover up the ground for them with roses. So, roll up your romantic sleeves, put on your heart shape shades and let your queen feel like one. After all, the road towards marital happiness passes through romantic gates.

Like all other ladies, I expect the same from my husband. I hope he reads the article and follows the advice in good spirit 🙂

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