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Lost and found – simple rules to a satisfied life

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As kids, our parents and teachers taught us some simple rules to live a satisfied and fulfilled life. Rules that were easy to follow, least time consuming and often free of charge. Alas over the years, with the modernisation changes in and around us, these rules have lost their existence. Since the benefits of following these rules are usually not absolute and in fact, need self-introspection, we did not even realise when and how we lost them.    

Taking into consideration the side-effects of those same changes that are behind this grave loss, let’s try to bring alive those rules.  

Thanking God

Most of us believe in God. We bow our head to Him and pray. We speak our heart out and ask for answers, help and mundane things. But how often do we thank Him for everything we have? He is the sole giver and carer. Shouldn’t we be often thankful to Him before asking for more? Would it not be satisfying to thank a favour we have got?   Thank Him in the morning for you are able to spend another day with your family in this beautiful world.

Thank Him at night for taking you through this day and making you stronger. Thank Him whenever you find impossible changing itself to possible. Thank Him whenever you see hope winning over fear. Close your eyes, join your hands and say it in your heart. Find your own ways and reasons to thank Him. Our world needs to be more thankful, let’s start it from God.  


When did you laugh out loud? Exactly, LOL! Such a cool acronym in the world of online chatting, with such a real life forgotten value.

Laughter is popularly famous as the best medicine. Not only does it brings positivity to health but also lightens the mood and ambience. If that’s true, then where have we lost it? Perhaps to the complicated world of sophistication and etiquettes. A common belief is a serious face makes more business. Nevermind, sneak out a laughter outside business. It is contagious and an instant therapy to your worries.  

Look no further for a shortcut to happiness, sparkle your teeth and laugh out loud till you get tears in your eyes.  

Walking barefoot on grass

Walking is the best exercise, and if you walk barefoot on green grass, your negative energy is absorbed by our mother planet Earth. Besides, there is a pleasing satisfaction that comes when walking like this.  

Scratch your mind to remember when did you last walk barefoot on grass. Long back or even if you did it recently, are you a regular with it? As kids we definitely have memories of playing barefoot in parks and gardens. Time passed and busy schedules limited our visits to these lush green lands. It’s never late to start over again. Visit a park, remove your sneakers and start your green journey.


Hugging is a gentle expression of showing ‘I care’. It secretly conveys the message that ‘you are not alone’ and ‘I embrace your feelings’. If you have been lucky enough, you must have been hugged by volunteers spreading ‘free hugs’ on busy roadsides. Pass on a hug to someone and notice the difference it brings to both.  

Hugging often and for longer can do what medicines fail to do. Do not look for a reason to hug someone. At times, a distressed soul just needs a silent hug. So go, open your arms and spread hugs. And when somebody gives you one, hug them back.  


Society comprises of people of different strata living together and an amicable one requires them to be cooperative and helpful towards each other. There is no denying that we all need help at some or the other time in our life. Thankfully, there are ample ways to extend a helping hand to a needy.

You can always help with charity. Don’t restrict your charity to donations, offer voluntary services. Our fellow beings, animals, nature and even your city may need help. Be a volunteer. Use your expertise to help someone.  

You lend a hand, you get a hand. Make it mutual and do it willingly.  

The list is not exhaustive. You may find numerous other rules that you used to do or are aware of their positive effects, but have burried in time. Find no more reason to unbury those. Bring them back in your life and recharge yourself. Once you see the magical results, spread the message to the world. Lost it was, found it is.    

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