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Sleep healthy, stay healthy

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Sleep seems pleasant to everyone but due to lack of time, most people take only 5 to 6 hours of sleep at night. This not only affects your body but mental health also. Good sleep is very important for health. If you sleep adequately for about eight hours, it points that overall your health is very good and you are fit and fine.

Good sleep has many benefits, some of which are:

  • Falling ill less often

A person who sleeps often gets away from diseases. They do not catch diseases frequently. By taking good sleep, the immune system stays strong. However, if the person takes hold of the disease, he will recover faster compared to the person who sleeps less.

  • Weight management

Good sleep helps a lot in managing weight; less sleepers have more weight than those who sleep more. By taking a healthy sleep, we can control our increasing weight and look fit and healthy.

  • Reduced stress

Dozing off early helps in maintaining a good mood, and lowers our stress level. The person who does not sleep much remains a bit worried and has lots of mood swings. Healthy sleep also plays important roles in keeping away from tension and depression.

  • Remembrance

Pleasant sleep is very important for good health; it helps us to remember things appropriately. It keeps our mind stable so that things can be easily remembered. We recognize things quickly, which further leads to good recognition level.

  • Prevents heart diseases and blood pressure problems

Blood pressure is kept in good state as the heart rate and blood pressure rate goes down at night. A healthy sleep further reduces the chances of heart disease especially heart strokes.

  • Stimulates concentration and creativity

After having a good sleep your brain starts working back well. Good sleep not only relaxes your mind but gives new thinking to your thinking. It also has a great effect on your creativity and style of working.

  • Increases age

Deep and good sleep helps the body fight to a great extent. This also increases your age. Those who sleep for 7-8 hours live more than those who sleep less. It makes both body and mind healthy, by which both your body and mind are prepared to fight any kind of illness.

  • Smooth digestive system

Good sleep improves our digestion. It helps us digest food swiftly. If you have trouble sleeping, your digestion is likely to worsen.

  • Relieve headaches and other organ pain.

Healthy and satisfactory sleep helps us to avoid headache. With the same, one can also get rid off from the pain of the rest of the body organs. Good sleep relieves our issues and concerns prevailing in mind, thereby reduces the complaints of regular headaches.

  • Flawless skin

When we sleep, the blood flow to the skin increases, which helps in creating a glow on our skin. A healthy sleep also protects our skin from aging, pimples and acne. We always get up with a fresh and glowing face the next day. This beauty sleep is very essential and significant for a fresh face.

  • Improves learning

Full and Healthy Sleep makes us a good and sharp Learner. The one who slept appropriately learns quickly as compared to the person who is deprived of sleep. The ability to understand and learn expands with sleep, the person grasps new teachings rapidly.

  • Emphatic and Social behavior

Good sleep makes us an excellent person socially, who loves to sit up and bear with people who need support. We always look forward to helping others and understand them too. We become socially active and friendly with the people.

  • Maintains hormonal balance

A healthy sleep helps in maintaining hormonal balances and reduces fatigue and frustration levels. It also helps ladies to prevent a regular hormonal imbalance which causes severe pain and damage to the body.

  • Control over temperament

Good sleep helps us to balance temper and helps us to stay relaxed. The person with less sleep is often short tempered, which leads to fights on petty issues due to irritation and anger.

  • Boosts Athletic Performance

Good sleep enhances the performance of the athlete which further improves the game. Less sleep duration has been associated with poor exercise performance.

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