Little knowledge is dangerous thing, we often judge things just by listening a few people around, NO research no expert knowledge, we seek nothing. Often it happens that we pass on that unconfirmed data to others and slowly it reaches masses and those thing losses all its credibility, same is the case with Palm Oil. We have often heard about harmful nature of it, we heard it’s not good, but why is it still being used in almost every industry and nobody resisting? This thing raised several questions in my mind and to answer all these I got a perfect opportunity, a fun filled seminar with Dr Bhavna Shah – Country Representative India and Sri Lanka, Malaysian Palm Oil Council. Dr. Shah being at such a respectable and responsible post had all the related data to clear the doubts of people like me. Palm Oil is cheap and there is a reason for it, a single palm tree gives much
more amount of oil though its seeds and other plant than any other oil source. So we get more products from fewer raw materials and definitely it will lead to lower prices.

The Palm oil is imported and the way it was bought and sold in the initial times made people think that it is not good at all, it was kept in open containers, was looked upon as threat by local oil producers, was available for much cheaper rates, and several such things lead to big time misconceptions. No oil for that matter is super healthy, we need to keep on changing the oil we use in order to get maximum benefit from all the oils. Palm oil is used in toothpaste, biscuits, hotel industry, ice creams, and what not, if not directly then indirectly we are consuming a lot of Palm oil daily. If it would have been this dangerous than why there isn’t any rule against it.  In fact it might surprise you that Palm oil is healthy, it is the richest source of Vitamin E Tocotrienols, which supports our brain heart health.

Several myths of mine were cleared by the seminar and then I took help from reliable sources on internet to confirm the facts and get a better understanding for the same. The session I am referring to was definitely not a routine one, we got to do the practical in the most fun way. There were several activities planned in different Restaurants of Chandigarh and all of the activities gave us more insights about Palm oil. 

So for these activities we were divided in different teams and were given fun tasks, the first one was a quiz at Crazy Town Sector 7 Chandigarh, which had different questions about Palm oil, answering them
lead us to a new clue for The SafeHouse Chandigarh. In SafeHouse we had a blind tasting session, We were to taste a dish prepared using Palm oil and believe me I really couldn’t figure out if that was Palm oil, the dish was delicious. Passing that blindfold session we got a cluecard for next restaurant. Solving the clue we found that it is The Finch Sector 26, Chandigarh. The Finch had a very interesting salad making competition, here we had to choose 5 veggies and Palm oil to make our salad. We mixed the Palm oil with the veggies and the seasoning to give our salad a touch of deliciousness. After preparing and dressing salad we got clue card to our next destination which was the one from where it all begin, Sip N Dine.

We reached Sip N Dine for our last activity which was to mix and eat Nutella, vanilla ice creams, chocolate based cereals and Ferrero rocher. Sounds amazing right? But what is more amazing is that almost each ingredient has Palm oil. Yes, its versatile nature makes it favourite of every industry. I got to know so much about the Palm oil and its usage. I hope you find this article useful please let me know your views on this.
For more information please check http://www.mpoc.org.in/

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