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Valentine’s Day – a 360° gender perspective

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Valentine’s Day. One day that, in a snap, can make or break your love story. On this day, couples dive deep in romance and make promises to each other of swan love. Ironically, the idea of celebrating this day may not be the same with the men and ladies fraternity.  

Here’s a 360° insight in the heart and soul laid by two in celebrating the day.  

Before Valentine’s Day  

Knocks February and the week of valentine love starts from Rose Day.  

Men, first of all, don’t even realise that the fateful day is approaching, until they get Rose Day wishes from female colleagues. Immediately divine thoughts start crossing their economical mind about the hype created around Valentine’s Day, thoughts like love doesn’t need a day to be celebrated and everyday is Valentine’s Day. Married men are courageous to say these to their partner but singles don’t even dare. Regardless, they still have to please the lady boss. So next comes in planning for the day. Going by the basic formula, they will arrange gifts, cards, chocolates, roses, champagne and a romantic dinner. And why not, the return to this investment can pay huge dividends. So zero error planning is done. Evidently with so much, pockets go empty.  

On the other hand, ladies are always ready with the gift ideas for their bae. They focus more on their beauty and appearance for the Day. So much so that the beauty salons work overtime and valentine’s discount is up in the stores weeks before.  

On Valentine’s Day  

The day gives jitters to men, since they have not been programmed to give surprises and show love. Perfect planning but goofed up execution is definitely possible. Anyway, since a lot of efforts have been made in the arrangements, it’s time to make the day special for the pretty dame. Surprises are unveiled one after the other but hey, does she already have something like your gift, is there no hand-written love quote in the card, are the chocolates melted, are the roses a little dull, is the champagne not sparkling or is the dinner not pre-booked? Anything or, in fact, all can happen in a day. But men know that a puppy face and some romantic lines can save the day. This, however, may not mean that the night and the following days are saved too.  

Ladies, on the other side, aim to look no less than the latest cover girl. Soaked up in the celebration of red from head to toe, they wish to get all the attention from their man. And on majority of the occasions, they don’t fail. Taking couple pictures and posting on social networks with unique hashtags works just instantly for them. Giving perfect look on every surprise comes naturally to them, bet if you can figure out the fake ones here. Throughout the day, their face will glow with the pleasure of all the pampering. Deep down, if the feelings are different, consider your mushy Valentine’s Day over the moment she reaches back home.

After Valentine’s Day  

What happened a day before decides the fate of rest of the year. And the answer lies in the final hours of the last day. If you were together hand-in-hand, it was a win-win for both. But if the scene was different, then both may have their own story to tell to the world.  

At home with the lady, men try to explain the real picture of efforts put in and how unfortunately goof up was made. In the urge to save the situation, they may now have to spend double and do a repeat telecast with better picture performance. However, outside home, they go gaga over their efforts of winning their girl’s heart. Only the confidants will know the true drama.  

With the ladies, critical analysis and deep submission of ‘whether he loves me or not’ is on the mind and every detail is shared with BFF. Still, situation is not that bad with them since they will soon get to avail the second chance of pampering.  

Well, howsoever your day goes, love makes it up in the end, and it should. The day comes as an opportunity to express love. Men, make the most of it if you want your rest of the year assured of love. Ladies, appreciate and return that love irrespective.  

Let love win and rule your this day, year and whole life. Let Cupid keep striking you.  

Inside stories secretly shared by my loving husband. Wish him and you all a romantic and happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Such a cute article…

    I kinda feel it for the preparation that men does to pamper their better half. Even the most unromantic will plan something after a day full of possible hardwork at office. Time to respond to the every moment love that these men shower in their oqn unique way..

    Happy valentines day from us to you..

    • Thank you so much for the comment. Love is a mutual feeling and should be mutually celebrated. Keep loving your love and my work. Gratitude and regards from me to you!

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