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Immigration guide for moving to Canada – Part 1


Based on the feedback received from many of our readers we are published this ‘All you need to know’ guide to answer all your queries regarding moving to Canada as Permanent resident. This post will give you brief details on eligibility and procedure.

Name of program:
Express Entry run by Canadian Federal govt.

Target Audience
This program is aimed for skilled worker. Skilled workers as per Canada’s job classification includes below :

  • managerial jobs (NOC Skill Level 0)
  • professional jobs (NOC Skill Type A)
  • technical jobs and skilled trades/manual work (NOC Skill Type B)

Details about job classification can be found here.

This is a comprehensive ranking based program where based on certain criteria applicants are given a score and then twice (generally , this frequency is not fixed ) a month a number of applicants with top score are extended an invitation to apply for PR.

All that matters:
1. Marital status ( Single or married )
2. Age ( less age means more marks )
3. Education Qualification ( Master degrees gives you some extra marks as compared to Bachelor )
4. ILETS score
5. Work Experience.
6. If you or your spouse has a brother or sister in Canada (who is PR or citizen ) – This will give me approx 20 extra marks.

Before you Apply, you must have :
1. Education evaluation done from WES.
– you need to get transcripts of your graduation/post graduation from your college/university.
– Create profile on Wes website , pay fees and send your documents.
– Upon verification WES will send you report with a reference number which need to be put while creating your express entry profile.
2. ILETS score not more than 2 years old.

Once you have evolution report and ILETS score , you can go here to sign up and submit your profile in Express entry pool. Once you submit all the details system will calculate and display your total score.
– While creating your account choose use GC key option.
– While creating account for Express Entry feel free to choose any province except Quebec as Quebec don’t fall under purview of express entry and follow it’s separate immigration process.
– Once your profile is shortlisted for PR invitation , immigration authorities will send you invitation over email or you can check the same by logging into your online account.

you don’t have to pay any fees while submitting your application.

How much score you need to get PR invitation:
There is no fixed answer to that as score keep changing with each round of invitation. But you can get a fair amount of idea by looking previous round of invitations about score , frequency of invitations and numbers of invitation sent here. Latest invitation sent on 09th January and cut for same was 449.

Score calculator :
Use this link to calculate your score . If you have yet to give ILETS, you can choose an approximate score based on your self assessment.

Details on required steps after you get an invitation to follow in next post. In case you have any question/query feel free to leave comment.

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