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Stand behind Soldiers : Now you too can help.


Whenever any of our solider attain martydom, you might have always thought about doing something for the family s/he has left behind. But, would have found it difficult to figure a way to do so.

Yesterday, on suggestion of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, government has launched ‘India’s Bravehearts’ portal to let citizens make contribution in such hours of grief. It will cover all the paramilitary forces under the ambit of central government. This will include BSF, CISF, NSG, ITBP, SSB, CRPF, NDRF and Assam Rifles. Portal will display all the details about the martyrs along with details like date, place of martyrdom and the details of incident. Any citizen will be able to contribute any amount of his/her choice toward this noble cause. Here are the salient features :

  1. All the payments will be directly credited to the bank account of one of the family member of the Braveheart.
  2. To ensure maximum coverage a limit of 15 Lakh is envisaged per Braveheart. Account will be automatically taken off once this limit is reached.
  3. If you wish, you can choose to make contribution to India’s Braveheart’s corpus which will be used towards welfare of soldier’s family.

This is a welcome move, because in a country of 1.3 billion people, martyr’s family should never be made to bother about the lack of financial means. Though, no money can ever be enough to compensate against the loss of a son, husband, father or a brother, but, this is the least we all can do as a token of respect. After all, they scarify their today for our tomorrow.

So if it is your birthday, anniversary, promotion or any other family function let us make habit to make small contribution for our real heroes as well.

No one is rich enough to repay the debt we owe to them but whatever is possible should be done.

Here is the link : https://bharatkeveer.gov.in/

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