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Birthday Through Mommy’s Mind

Birthday and Mommy
Birthday and Mommy


Yeah we all know that parties are always fun and entertainment. What thrill it is to eat, drink, dance, play and go crazy.

Party to me always meant keeping my best foot forward. To start with, the wiring system in my mind thinks of what am I going to wear, which pair of footwear and accessories will go with it, what make-up and hair-do will look good and where can I get and arrange all of that. Of course, a beautiful picture of myself is already on the top of my mind. My dress and overall look should be my best till date, making me an outstanding one in the party. All my excitement and brainstorming about my appearance is so thrilling and has always been much adored by me.

Wo wo wo, this is not the case this time. After a quick reality check, I am so surprised that things have changed so fast in my life. Well I am not too old that I have lost my interest in fashion and doesn’t find things fascinating. It is just that I am in a new episode of this series called life. Yes, I AM A MOM now and so, the table has turned. I am sure by now you must have categorised me in a different compartment of your mind. Partying is still the most lovely and rejoicing part for me but it is just that the limelight has now moved from me to my dear daughter. This momentous day does fill your heart with special love and joy but asks for you to be a good host too. Now hold on right there because the party is yet to begin!
Right after I realised that my daughter will turn four next month, my heart skipped a beat. This was out of not just motherly love but also the reality that I have to start preparing for her most important celebration of the year – birthday party.

It is still a month to her special day and I am already going crazy by just thinking about this extravagant event called Birthday Party. The preparation starts from googling the latest, best and most beautiful dress for my little one, should it be Mermaid, Cinderella, Unicorn, Elsa or Moana. The fight for finding the dress is still taking my mind for a roller coaster ride and here comes another one – the party theme. Oh my, it multiplies my efforts as the dress should go with the theme and theme with the dress. Oh boy, if all this was not enough there is more that needs to be sorted out – her accessories, the head band, wand and wings.

Next most crucial decision is flavour of the cake. With so many varieties and customisation options available for the cake, trust me decision is not easy. Then the cake toppers add to my already intense vast search.

Birthday cake

Phew, I am not even close to the guest list, design of invitation card, food menu, return gifts, photoshoot and decorations. With my little one always up for dance and foot-tapping, making a list of all her favorite numbers is another item in the list. Of course, that also brings me to arrange for a DJ.

Wait, am I missing something?? Yes yes, what about games? A birthday party is incomplete without games and not just for kids but for their parents and guardians too. After all, keeping everyone involved in the party is a host’s responsibility.

I just realised how much it takes for the celebration of a tiny-miny. But I believe it is a journey of love for the love. Such events always add happy poppers and memories to our life.

So let’s get started and party hard.

Dedicated to all the mommies out there.


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