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BIG CHANGES brought to you by little tots


Easier said than done, one who said this must have had parenting on his mind.

Journey of parenting has always been desired, struggled and overwhelmed by the parents. The little ones not only change lives of the people around them but also bring in a new perspective to the real meaning of life. More often it is not easy for parents, specially first timers, to adjust to these changes. Big or small, these new experiences initially jostle all but eventually are loved and cherished for lifetime.

Home, sweet home. Changes start right from here. Once which used to be a place reflecting your personality, is now your little monster’s kingdom. Careful! Don’t stumble, there are toys everywhere. Romantic wallpapers in rooms are long gone. Jungle and disney themed ones rule now. Your dining table has a new chair with it, popularly known as high-chair. Kitchen has a separate section for baby food and utensils make excellent music instruments. No more scented candles in the bathroom, make way for bath toys. Couple pictures are out, baby pictures are so in.

New mums can be distantly recognised with hair up, belly out and always in pyjamas. Nights are days, and days – well they are long days now. Time for mum’s meal, hey hold on, I smell poo from baby’s nappy. Night parties become a thing of past. If it’s baby sleeping time, you want pin drop silence. No seriously, I mean it. Their curious eyes are always on a hunt for laptop and remote control. Dad’s drinks go out of the window and here comes in milk bottles. And these cute small bottles should get a little more mention here since these serve as life savers in times of baby crying or I should say baby howling. 

Casual leaves in office are first converted to maternity or paternity ones and then to make trips to Disney World or kids zones. Your workstation is all decked up with your little ones pictures. Don’t be surprised if you are not even aware that there is an India-Australia one day series going on. Be proud that you are a pro in all the nursery rhymes.

Let’s go for shopping. Wow what fun, it used to be when you bought the latest and best for yourself. Now you shop those smallest clothes available on this planet, keep going aww and still wish to buy that last piece of onesie for your beauty angel. 

Phew, isn’t all this just amazing. If you say life gets upside down, I wouldn’t deny. At the same time, don’t you wonder why is this world still a happy place when it comes to babies?? 

Parenting is definitely not easy. But you do it unconditionally because you are lured into this by those little hands trying to hold your finger, lips smiling at your kiss, star lit eyes looking at you, cooing voice trying to copy what you just said, and oh my what not. Love happens at first sight. Every milestone, be it first bath, word, food, step, outing, school day, is celebrated. It’s just a beautiful world!

Easy is very easy but then it is no fun. Parenting is a whole lot of fun and you are always your little one’s favorite. With parenting, you start living every moment. And that, my dear reader, is the mantra of life.

This article is written with inputs from my 11 month old.


  1. A brilliant writeup my friend. I could imagine your situation with that naughty lil boy of yours. Your outlook as a parent is amazing. You havr amazing creative potential. Dont stop writing ever..

    Looking forward for the next one (with special editing by lil munchkin). Much love

  2. Indeed the article conveys the journey of new parents. It’s a life transformation episode. Each parent at one point or other gets tired of responsibilities but the bigger picture gives an intense accomplishment. Very well written article.

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