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Daughter – a delightful blessing!


Daughters are gentle like dew drops. They are a priceless gift given by God, which is not in everyone’s luck and hence, this gift should always be cherished.

Every relationship has a remarkable place in our heart and life. However, one of the most affectionate and special relationships is with a daughter. As soon as we listen to the the word “daughter”, it arises a wave of love and affection in our heart. When she slowly learns to walk, the voice of her little footsteps tweet in the house.

Nobody can understand the feeling that a daughter carries in her heart towards her parents. She focuses on the happiness, expectations, emotions and well-being of her parents. If there is something exceptionally beautiful in the world, then it’s a daughter. Life without a daughter is incomplete.

Daughter-father relation

A daughter is a priceless gem for her daddy and to a daughter, he is always her hero. She always sees her father as a leader and a king. For a father, her daughter is his pride. He always supports and inspires her.

Daughter-mother relation

It is a delicate and very emotional relation, both are each others’ life. A mother understands the needs of a daughter like no one else can. She teaches her how to deal with distinct experiences in life. A mother is the first teacher of a child. A daughter also takes utmost care of her mother like no one else. It is a beautiful bond.


The son lights a family but daughters spread their cool moonlight in two clans. Daughters, when enter the real competitive world, have been successful in many fields. The efficacy of girls is evidence of their competence. Today, girls are considered to be the pride of society. The discrimination between boys and girls is minimizing and should continue till they both reach at par. Girls have achieved everything from being toppers at school to CEOs of big brand names. There is no such place where girls’ name is not illuminated.

As a parent, we should take care that girls get the freedom to present their views. They should be a part of every family decision. They should never feel inferior about themselves. First of all, we should start the practice of equality between daughters and sons in our families. We should teach our children to respect and protect girls and treat them equal in all spheres of life.

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