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Five life lessons we can learn from kids

life lessons from kid - open editorial

Kids are known for their innocence and cuteness. There is something quite adorable about them, something which acts as eye candy for many of us, something as enticing as a chocolate ice-cream and something which keeps us on our toes all the time. But, besides this evident and natural dose of affection, cuteness and love, there is a hidden dimension which many of us miss to notice. We boast of helping them to absorb the lessons of life but have we ever thought about putting ourselves in their shoes?

It is quite evident that a parent plays a role of a teacher as well but at the same time, there is so much that kids can teach us. Kids are born with a totally clean slate and know nothing. All of their behaviour and learning is based on their observation of this world and people around them. It is here that their innocence comes into play, as they don’t have any pre-defined bias. Their observations and reactions are totally genuine because of absence of any prejudice or judgment. If we really think about this with open heart and mind, there are couple of things we can learn from our little ones.

Be inquisitive

The best quality which we can learn from kids is their hunger to learn. With their little hands and tiny feet, they are always trying and learning new stuff. Whether it is outbursting with colours, imitating your walk or style of talk, or even repeating your kitchen and other household errands, they never shy away from getting their hands on with it. Having this big and bold appetite for learning is really praiseworthy and if used by us, can open up new avenues to us in our life.

Love for hate

This is easier said than done. We talk about it all the time but find it difficult to drive when agitated or aghast. When we are extremely angry, we find it quite challenging to quench our thirst and let go our fist. This is exactly where our little ones have a lesson or two to offer. There are many times when we loose our temper at our little one’s mischiefs but right at that very moment a little face with enigmatic eyes will look at you with so much love and affection that your entire rage will vanish in thin air. Love when shown in its true spirit has all the power to move the mountain and history is evident of that. But most of us fail to imbibe that in our life, knowingly or unknowingly.

Smile costs nothing

Have you ever felt energetic and boosted up seeing your kido smile when you return tired from work? This happens with me often and I am sure many of you might have also encountered it couple of times. A smile costs nothing. It is the unspoken language of love, happiness and healing.
So next time when you encounter someone, try to flaunt your beautiful lips riding on a broad and soothing smile.

Observe and react

Observation is the rudimentary principle of science and children have a natural penchant towards the same. It will not be an exaggeration to call children as born scientists. They observe all the things with minute details, be it tasting things with their little tongue, observing their dimensions by trying to put them in their mini mouth or measuring its breaking threshold by hitting it hard on the ground. They might have their own innocent ways to try out things but all these matter when seen through the prism of science. Besides, most of their natural learning comes by way of observing people and things around them. 

This can come quite handy to all of us as many a times we get too engrossed in I-factor and cease to learn and self-correct. No matter how much you know or how much you have, there are always lessons to learn. In fact, what could be better than learning from others just by observing them?

Foget and Forgive

This is the best lesson we can take home from our toddlers. There are times when we go through moment of heat but for our little ones, it doesn’t last more than minutes, if not seconds. Their anger is temporary but love is permanent. This simple but, elementary rule of life has all the powers to change many equations in our personal and professional life.

Besides these, if there are other things which you might have observed or learned from your little devil, please share with all of us in comment section below.

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