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Ten little fingers!!

10 little fingers -open editorial

The best part of being parents of the little midget with little fingers is catching a sight of yourself in them. Those rosy lips, chubby cheeks, sparkling eyes and little fingers turn your world into a paradise.

Being good parents is a colossal responsibility, beginning from pregnancy to a never ending process. There are lots of ups and downs in this rollercoaster journey, but it gives you splendid memories which can be cherished for lifetime.

The pregnancy days

Yes, it’s difficult but it’s exceptionally beautiful! These days make you much stronger than ever before. You become a lot more emotional and affectionate. From pregnancy test, vomiting, tiredness, food cravings, moodiness to the eternal feeling of carrying the little one inside you – this is the time which brings both the parents emotionally very close to each other and share a bond of togetherness. Those nine months give you incomparable and everlasting memories.

The toddler phase

Then comes the phase of tossing and turning on the sleepless nights to changing nappies full of poop, infinite crying without explanation, going to the shower and loo with the door open, so that the little one can peep inside and feel safe and accompanied all the time. The world is all confined around the toddler.

The growing age

Then growing up and going to the school is one crucial phase that is as important as the sapling growing into plant. It needs lots of contemplation and care. From packing the lunch box, changing the uniform, getting the homework completed, attending the parent teacher meetings to covering new books in the new session – it is the learning phase of the kid as well as the parents, as this the time when one has to deeply understand the behavior of the child and pay heed to the changes being reflected. The more you pay attention towards the child at the learning age the easier it is to deal with them when they grow adults.

A good parent must be both a custodian and a friend to the child. One should always try to be calm and serene so that the child feels comfortable to talk to the parents before discussing anything with anyone around. If your child feels free to talk to you regarding any sort of problem and comes running to you whatever happens, you have accomplished everything as a parent; you have procured the real wealth.

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