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The journey of being a mother

The Journey of being a mother - open Editorial
A Wonder called motherhood.

Journey towards motherhood is full of surprises. Right from the beginning, it puts you into an altogether different league. It seems to be the only thing which is both exciting and worrisome at the same time. At one moment, you are worried about the upcoming challenges and responsibilities, but the very next moment, joy of holding the little one in your lap fills you with excitement and pride. This whole time-lapse of three trimesters is so unpredictable that you don’t know what is going to happen very next day.

Sometimes, you start your day with an elated feeling, being on cloud nine, but suddenly, you feel to be in toughest situation with an unbearable tinkering in your stomach. These roller-coster rides and mood swings start appearing quite frequently as you move forward in your journey.

Every trimester starts and ends with its own challenges and lessons. It is like three different phases of life with each of them holding a special meaning and phrase.

First Trimester

When you begin, things are little hard to understand, the baby is like a seed and is just starting to sprout. Your body goes through lot of hormonal changes. You may feel excited and dull at the same time. Your taste buds go for a toss. You are hungry but do not want to eat what’s in front of you. You might not have loved sweets your whole life but now you have strongest craving for it. Your mind starts going towards relaxed state and starts turning from multi tasking to priority list mode, processing one thing at a time. Sometimes, situations are so extreme that they cannot even be penned down.

Second Trimester

This is best trimester among the three. You start showing up and gaining weight. By now, you get used to situation and hormonal changes also speed down a little.

Third Trimester

At start of this trimester, you start feeling the baby. Sometimes, you feel quite low and don’t want to put your mind in any matter. You are annoyed and angry on your situation but suddenly a kick from within makes you feel rejuvenated from head to toe. It’s like your child telling you that I belongs to you and we both are going to sail through all these lows together. This is an unexperienced and out of the world feeling. It can not be expressed, you just feel and rejoice it at that very moment. This connection is so strong that you feel connected to your inner fraction just by little meditation. It’s like being in a secluded place where both of you share a common bond and rest of world cease to exist.

The Last Lap

There is no doubt that these nine months are full of challenges, but as they say, ‘No gain without pain’. May be God planned it in this way deliberately. This penance of nine months, teaches you many priceless lessons in life. Those last few minutes of delivery are like a close encounter with God. At the end of the finish line, you not only have a new member in your family, but also an altogether different person within you. It helps you get closer to real you, to get face to face with compassion and care inside you, makes you feel stronger, resilient and tells you about the importance of patience.

While being in your womb your child see this world though your eyes, hear people through your ears and smells it through your nose. So it is quite imperative to let him/her have best of the best experience. Tell that tiny soul about this beautiful world and all the surprises that awaits her/him. Whisper into her/his little ears the melodies sounds around us and last but not the least, make her/him believe that you are always going to stand by, no matter what.

The journey of being a mother is nothing less than a renaissance. No doubt, there are many ups and downs but may be thats how this circle of life gets completed. By all your efforts and sacrifices, you bring a little soul in this world ‘Oh Brave Girl’!

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