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Go yellow this Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami - Open editorial
Basant Panchami - Open editorial

Basant Panchami, the festival marking the end of winters and start of spring in India. The day is also celebrated for Saraswati Pooja, as it is believed that the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, art and learning was born on this day.  

Celebrating festivals is a ritual but over the years, messages brought by these festivals have faded in our synthetic lives. It’s time that we remind ourselves of the real meaning of our festivals and celebrate them wholly. Basant Panchami isn’t only wearing and eating yellow. It has a broader meaning.  

Allow spring to enter life  

This festival introduces the blooming season of spring. Colourful flowers and greenery take over the cold and barren lands. Mere a thought of it can be so refreshing to the soul. The day gives us a message to leave behind all the arid thoughts, grudges and behavior. Allow new people, feelings and acts to enter life. Accept and acknowledge diversity around you, just like the vibrant flowers of spring.  

Talk to someone you have complaints with, take actions if something is wrong and leave your worries behind. Let go of coldness in you. Forgive and forget past. Meet new people or try doing same things in a new fashion. Surprise yourself with a refreshed you.

Go yellow  

Harvesting of mustard crop is also a significant part of the festival. Bright yellow mustard fields remind us to stay yellow and alive in our lives. Of course, this has a bigger meaning than just breathing.  

The colour signifies being optimistic and active. Forget all the fear, judgement, lethargy and dullness. Do what you have always wanted to. If you fail, try again. For once, come out of your mechanical life and comfort zone. Get your glass of water yourself. Make your bed in the morning. Share work. Finish your pending tasks. And keep smiling. Make your everyday yellow.  


Saraswati Pooja comes as a reminder that learning is a constant process and you should never stop. How many of you still remember and actively undertake your hobbies? Thinking hard? It’s time for an introspection. Take-up your hobbies that you have left behind. Learn something new. It is important because it allows you to relax and get closer to yourself. Needless to mention, this has been proved scientifically too.  

Indulge in dance, music, art, craft, sports, writing, cooking, gardening, photography, diys or anything that describes you. Meet the artist within you and see a positive change in and around. You were not born to live an office life or finish household chores. Bring your own meaning to your life. Adopt a zeal to learn.  

Celebrate festivals with their messages. Inculcate them in your routine. It is important not just for our present but for next generations too. We don’t want our children to wear festive colours but live a black and white life.  

This Basant Panchami, let’s get artistic and fill spring colours in lives. Let’s get basanti.

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  1. I just loved this piece. First I didn’t know it’s also celebrated as Saraswati pooja and why. And then I loved that how well you symbolized color yellow with the newness. Each para is beautiful, one telling me to let it go, second asking me to try give it another chance and third pushing me to do skmesomet new. I just loved it.

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