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Henrhyd Falls – a beautiful lesson

Henrhyd falls UK - Open Editorial

Travel, it first makes you speechless and then turns you into a storytellerIbn Batuta, the famous Moroccan explorer of 14th century

One thing that this world loves unanimously is nature. There are abundant lessons and musings hidden in all its forms. One such form is the waterfalls.  

Henrhyd Falls in Wales of United Kingdom is one to leave you spellbound. For all the Batman fans, this is the location of Batman’s cave in the movie The Dark Knight Rises.  

Start by walking down a narrow steep road with shabby steps and knobby roots underfoot. Do fill your lungs with the scent of water saturated air and damp Earth. Follow the sound of water for the first look of the tall white beauty which, feels like, has been bravely falling down the cliff since ages. Surrounded by age old trees, the waterfall looks majestic in its movement and flow. Treat your eyes with the grandeur of a rainbow on falling water. But be sure to have a sunny day, for colours don’t choose dullness.  

Not very often you come across waterfalls which offer you a path to reach behind them. Henrhyd gives its brave admirers that path, though slippery, narrow and outcropping with pebbles, rocks and tree roots.  

The rear view of frothy cascade of water falling into a plunge is worth all the pleasures of Earth. Water roars and misty spray washes away all the mundane worries. Notice that the same rainbow does not show from behind, factually because now the sun is in front of you. Does this give you another lesson of life?  

Sitting at one of the big boulders at the foot of the 90 feet fall will remind you that our life is bigger by our deeds and not by desires.  

Watching a waterfall is like meditating. Pure water and serene sound is pleasing to every sense of the body. Making its own path, falling fearlessly from the edge of the cliff, hitting the rocks hard and start flowing again – doesn’t that leaves us with a great lesson of life?

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