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Travel saving tips when flying with babies

tips when travelling with babies - open editorial

Say vacation and an ebullient scene comes to mind. Say journey and the scene evaporates like it was never there. Stuffing your suitcases, rushing around airports with them and flying in a cramped seat are totally dreaded by travellers. Top it up with a baby and the distress of this whole situation multiplies. But is there an escape for the travelling parents? Definitely no.  

In fact, an unhappy and grumpy baby is an equal hassle to the fellow passengers and crew. Of course, the baby is the worst sufferer in such a case. However, with some smart tips, you can make it a win-win for all.  

Packing cabin bag

Baby’s cabin bag is your survival kit. This little world should definitely have baby food and milk, blanket and toys. Most of the airlines will offer you these on board but totally relying on them can be fatal. Also, airlines do not have baby clothes and nappies on their baby list. So pack a few extra of these, just in case. If your baby is fond of something in particular like a comforter, toy, food, pacifier or basically anything, wise word would be to pack it along.  

Airport facilities

Most of the airports have facilities for passengers with baby. Check for a stroller and priority queue with your airline. Nappy changing in a plane is definitely not on your wish list. So spare out a few minutes and use comparatively convenient baby changing rooms at the airport. For long halts at the airport, ask for a baby care or play room to relax your baby.

On board the plane  

Airlines, these days, are competing on providing the best baby services to the parent passengers. Your little flyer is their ticket to win your loyalty and this, actually, works in your favour.  

On board, babies are showered with all the baby goodies like toys, candies, bagpacks, blankets, baby essentials kits and books. All this new stuff can keep your little one engaged for at least some part of the journey. Crew can also help you with bassinet for younger babies, sterilising bottles, warming up food and providing boiled water.  

Since baby ears are sensitive to air pressure, they tend to get pain during take-off and landing. Babies feeding or using a pacifier at this stage can help in releasing air from their ears and thus, easing pain. You can also use silicon ear plugs for babies and these are now easily available at baby stores. In-flight entertainment can also come in handy at this time. As they say, if nothing works, diversion definitely works. Besides, a baby always catches attention from all and most of time, this is what they need to giggle and stay comfortable.  

In addition to all above, it is very important to choose the right flight. Look for the one which syncs well with the sleeping time of your baby. Prebook your seats to get a bassinet if required or ample leg space or a window, in case you are a feeding mother. Some airlines allow you to use your baby’s car seat too.  

For flying with little ones, preparation is the key. Get hold of your baby’s stuff and information on facilities available. Stay calm and keep smiling for babies are the best imitators. Make journey fun and memorable. Fly safe.

Bon voyage!    

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