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Ayushman Bharat – India’s stride toward Universal Health Coverage.


if there is one thing that is making heavy buzz across all the channels – it is Ayushman Bharat in general and ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya yojna (PMJAY)’ in particular. This scheme since it’s inauguration in Sept 2018 has not only helped lakhs of poor and vulnerable people’s in providing affordable and quality healthcare but have also to restore people’s confidence in government’s schemes which are notorious for only being on papers. Since it’s inception, aprox 8.5 lakh beneficiaries has been treated and till now it has been a glitch free experience. Considering the scale and the quantum of target audience this was nothing but unexpected.

IT system forms the backbone of the scheme as it covers approx 50 crore people and offer the benefits in a fully cashless , paperless and portable manner. It offers 5 lakhs insurance coverage per family on per year basis and surprisingly at 0 premium and no pre conditions. Scheme covers around 1300 health conditions and offer benefits in both government and empanelled private hospitals. The whole operation from claim initiation to settlement works on IT system with almost no human intervention. List of beneficiaries has been drawn up based on 2011 , social economic census.

Benefits :
– Will offer premium and quality healthcare services to underprivileged which was a far fetched dream till now.
– Will act as a catalyst to boost up healthcare infra and number of professionals in an unprecedented manner.
– Health insurance sector, which has been in a major jeopardy till now , will get a major boost.
– New avenues of skilled and professional job creation will be opened.
– Healthcare capital goods manufacturing will get a big boost.
– As participatory private hospitals need to follow pre approved government rate card ( having less price for many medical procedures than they currently charge) , general cost of medical procedures will come down.

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