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Being rogue with a rogue state

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We are slave to our own imagination. You must have heard this many times and might have also also tried to broaden your spectrum to see the unseen. But have we been imagining enough as a nation? The answer to that lies in how we have been responding to various attacks on us during the peace time. Besides four conventional war, we have been now a victim of this uncalled violence and proxy war by our western neighbour for more than thirty years now and have suffered more casualties than we had during war time. The Pulwama attack which took away our fourty bravehearts was neither the first one in the line and nor will be the last.

After witnessing our strength and superiority in all arenas of conventional warfare, Pakistan’s ISI and top military brass came up with this theory of ‘Bleeding India with thousand cuts. It consist of waging covert war against India at multiple locations through insurgency. The terrorism in Punjab in ’80s and in Kashmir in ’90s are the offshoot of this very doctrine.

The theory of death by thousand cuts

  • Hur the sentiments of our country in general and people in particular
  • Inflict a financial cost to the nation as terrorist attacks have spectrum of impact on the business activities and investments
  • Create a state of uncertainty and atmosphere of fear
  • Hit the moral of forces and citizens
  • Keep security and intelligence agencies busy after these incidents rather than letting them focus on real, medium to long term goals

What cost our neighbour pay ?

Almost nothing, as every time after such terror attacks, we used to give them dossier with proof of their involvement and they like always used to throw it in a dustbin.

Will counterstrike like Uri and Balakot stop this bleeding ?

It is true that these one or two  instances of air strikes are not going to put a full stop to this proxy war but one thing they can definitely achieve is increase the cost of this war for the sponsors. The very reason for our neighbour to go with this proxy war is it’s low cost and zero responsibility. Innocent youths are radicalised and turn into suicide bombers or a terrorists with gun. Thereafter, to inflict pain on us all they have to do is give them training, guns and somehow make them cross the border or provide ground support. In this deception, they are not only able to inflict financial and moral pain on the soul of our nation but also goes unharmed from the consequence and the accountability. We have lost thousands of civilians and security personals in this undeclared war during peace time. 

Such counterstrikes will :

  • Call off Pak’s nuclear bluff which is at the core of this proxy war policy. They were convinced that they can continue bleeding India via these non state actors under the safety of their nuclear umbrella.
  • To declare the rule of engagement, that no matter who is in government, for every Pulwama or Uri type adventure there will be cost to pay. It can be in terms of losing terror infrastructure and assets or getting isolated in the international community and facing humiliation.
  • Will internationalise these kind of attacks and will help to put pressure on Pakistan by isolating it diplomatically and financially.
  • Will set a precedent and an expectation in the world that any attack on India will get a strong kinetic response.
  • Will increase cost of these kind of wars. Hitting the terror camp deep within Pakistan’s territory will force the handlers to think twice before doing any other Uri or Pulwama type attack.

A gentleman can’t fight and win from a rowdy because of two simple reasons. One, rowdy don’t follow the rules of engagement and attack at will, when enemy is most vulnerable, and two, he is not answerable to anyone. As a result, gentleman, who wants to engage in a rule bound manner is always at receiving end. We have seen enough of our gentleman spirit, it is time to be a rogue and shout it loud and clear.

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