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How to control your kid’s addiction towards smartphone?

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Although we live in a highly digitized era, that doesn’t mean that we let our kids also become tech-maniac from the young age, especially when they are toddlers. However, being in a super-technological surrounding is a blessing as it makes our life easy. Still, it should not have the negative implications on the growing minds and the body of our kids.

Nowadays, these smartphones have become pacifiers for the kids. Most of the parents give their smartphones to the kids if the kid is showing any sort of tantrum or cranky behaviour. These smartphones can calm down the kids and make them quiet, but they are addictive too. Too much usage and addiction towards smartphones can really harm your kid’s mental as well physical growth. According to the several medical research, it has proven that spending a lot of time on smartphones or on other technology, there is a risk of attention and disruptive behaviour. A child becomes lethargic and less active if his or her days are glued with smartphones which in result restricts his usual and ideal physical growth and development.

Here are 5 strategic ways to control your kid’s addiction towards smartphone.

Enrol your kid in a sports club

Due to the presence of so much techie-gadgets, kids have forgotten their childhood. They are more interested in staying at home and playing games on a smartphone rather than going outdoors for some play time. In this case, you can make your kid enrol in any sports club to get engaged in some sports. Figure out his favourite sports – cricket, badminton, swimming, football, etc. You can find out the details from the nearest sports club in your area and get your kid registered there. It will keep him healthy and physically active


It is usually difficult for a parent to take away smartphone from the hands of their kid from Day 1. However, the screen time should be reduced gradually. Set up the ‘time-out’ session which tells your kid that he or she is allowed to use the smartphone for a certain period of time only, and after the completion of that time period, the smartphone should not be used by him or her for any purpose. Initially, it would be difficult, although if followed strictly and diligently then this is the best way to control the addiction of your kid towards smartphone.

Be a good example

Kids are good imitators. They follow and copy their parents first and then others. Therefore, try to be a good example in front of your kid with respect to the usage of smartphone. The more you use smartphone, the more your kid will be addicted as your kid is following your footsteps. Your kid does not know anything about right or wrong, he just knows you. Therefore, be a good example, and good results will follow automatically.

Make Them Aware

Awareness about anything is always good and fruitful. Make your kid aware about the harmful effects of using smartphones for prolonged hours. How it can be dangerous for both physical and mental health should be known to a kid. Children have a sensitive mind. They start believing whatever they see in a smartphone. Hence, a correct differentiation about right and wrong should be taught. Provide them with the details in the description, answer their doubts and try to be as much as informative to them. 

Password Protection

There are many apps available which come along with password protection and at the same time, there are many other apps too which give password protection for the other apps running on the smartphone. So, start taking help of these apps and apply on those apps which are used more often and frequently by your kid. 

Lastly, to conclude, be a good digital role model for your kid. In order to make your kid addiction free, start with yourself. Curb down your own digital bad habits and know when to unplug. Teach your kids that it is not too tough to stay away from smartphone and have a happy life. At the same time, use parental controls like activating safety settings of that particular app, search engine and games. And yes, talk to your kid and be open to them. 

Happy Parenting!

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