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The end of an evil called ‘Lal Batti’ !


The Union Cabinet decision to do away with the red/blue beacon from all so called VIP’s ( both Centre and state) vehicle is a step in right direction. From the long time this has been associated with  a false pride and social indiscrimination of many by few individuals. All the netas and babus used to flaunt the glazing beacons on top of their vehicle as a matter of pride. The whole concept of symbolising the vehicle of higher dignitary by having a flashing light on top of it was totally unjustified and is alien to many countries. This was a total misuse of power and gross injustice to the constitutional values which clearly indicate and enforce equality of law for every citizen. This evil has been rampant in society from a long time and has remain untouched from the whole political class.

From May 1st, all the centre/state ministers ,judges , bureaucrats , officers or any other dignitaries have to throw their beacons in the dustbin. As per today’s cabinet note only vehicles associated with law enforcement , emergency services or rescue operations will be permitted to use these beacons along with 5 constitutional posts – President  , Vice President  PM , Chief Justice of India and Speaker of Lok Sabha. This was a long overdue change and should be welcomed by parties across the spectrum. Though our opinion is that apart from emergency vehicles no one should use these beacons and even the above mentioned dignitaries should voluntary give it up.

Arvind Kejriwal was the first person to raise this issue and Delhi government right from it’s inception has choose not to use red beacon. Same was followed by the two newly elected governments in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. The decision of union cabinet will lead to change in Motor vehicle act , which is a centralised act and once modified will be applicable across the state. Though this decision is more on symbolic line , we expect that Modi government will continue this spree of their to bring politicians and bureaucrats on common ground as normal citizens. It will be only when the slogan of #NewIndia will really start making inroads into heart and mind of common junta.

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