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What if your mom is your boss in the office?


Wise men say don’t mix personal and professional lives. But what happens if, for once, we do so? What happens when your mom becomes your boss in the office? Will you get to enjoy the bossy lineage in the office? Or will you get chided from your mom boss in the office too? Let’s get into this world of imagination and find out how wise are our wise men.  

So you are running late to the office. You reach your desk breathless and find a sticky on your monitor, ‘see me – Boss’. Hastily you go to his cabin and in a private space, are reminded disciplinary rules you should follow. THAT’S IT, DONE! Now imagine, your mom boss, waiting for you at the reception and calling you umpteen times till she gets your glimpse. Waittt, that’s not over. She will then scold the careless you, all through the bays till your desk, and suddenly that small distance starts looking so long to you. This chapter ends (or next begins) when she tells all this to your DAD.  

Lunch break. Ever imagined your boss warming up your food and serving it lovingly. Yeah, I am kidding!! Well, your mom boss will insistingly do it for you. She will also make you a hot cup of tea and get some savouries along. In fact, even your important presentation can not stop her from asking you intermittently, ‘did you eat anything?’  

Appraisal time is the best time of the year, ehh…for your boss. He digs up all your mistakes and unfinished tasks of that year.

But don’t loose hope because
you have your mom boss.

For her, you are the the most hardworking and diligent employee in the world. She will applaud till the end for you everytime you crack a deal, a code or even a silly joke.  

Achoo! Got some cold? Just inform your boss of a sick leave and rest at home. And with mom boss, expect a visit to home to see you, and with medicines and a bowl of hot soup. What if cold was a reason to abscond from office? Forget it, that’s never happening now.

Crushing on someone in the office? How can you? You don’t go to the office to do all this. HOLD ON before you take me wrong, it’s not me but your mom boss yelling at you in front of your colleagues. While you were engrossed in love gazing your crush, her eagle eyes were focussed on you all the time. Moreover, your poor bae will have to unwillingly go through several litmus tests.

Phew phew phew! Let’s stop here and not puzzle our lives unnecessarily. Mother is a figure of love, care and prejudice. She will show her motherly feelings irrespective of what surrounding she is in. You may or may not like it. Hence, for the safety and well-being of everyone, it is rightly advised to keep your mom away from your office.

PS – We love our mom the most.

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  1. This is so funny! I can just imagine your mum breathing down your neck all day, bringing you snacks and telling your dad on you! Then turning up when you’re off sick from the office. Nightmare..! Good luck with all that. ? xx

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